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How I Help Clients

While serving you as a unique partner I provide individual solutions and holistic strategies to empower you to make your own decisions.

You accumulate larger assets, achieve greater financial confidence and discover your best life.

I help you meet your financial and lifestyle goals, whatever they may be, in a straightforward and simple plan.

Using a holistic approach to your financial plan, I integrate

flexibility and risk reduction strategies.


I simplify the financial plan process by establishing 3 financial branches:


Essentials: maintaining lifestyle into retirement; funding post secondary education.


Aspirations: that vacation home or luxurious trip.


Legacy: philanthropy and bequests.

This strategy leads to clarity for clients.


My clients often accumulate larger assets and enhance personal financial development as a result of this strategy


  • Strategic Retirement Programs

  • Investment Strategies for the Next Generation

  • Estate Planning and Charitable Giving

  • Risk Management Planning for Entrepreneurs

  • Group Employee Benefits Design

My Process

Floral detail
Floral detail

Our first meeting is about discovery and getting to know you. We'll talk about your current situation and what you envision for your financial path. I'll share insights to help enhance your objectives.⁠


Next, the exploration phase will provide specific analysis into the areas that matter to you.

Whether it’s Asset Accumulation, Retirement Income, Estate Planning, or other areas, the analysis will speak directly to you and provide insight into your financial path.

Finally, your plan will include specific recommendations to set you on the path to help achieve your goals. I believe in providing clear, concise and relevant information to make your wealth and risk management seem simple.





Wonderful experience attaining the correct insurance when it was really needed, my Advisor went to work and provided the solutions I needed.

- Marti. Brighton, Ontario

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